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Iron Pickaxe A Iron Pickaxe. When using the Iron Pickaxe as a tool, the following actions can be performed: Harvesting. Pickaxes use their ID to determine their grade. The 1.07 Update is coming Soon(tm) however a bit delayed (see #future-content-blog on the discord server for more details). This article is a stub. It takes a minimum of 3 seconds to gather ore from rocks with this pickaxe. It is the most inexpensive pickaxe … Good for collecting stones. Iron Pickaxe Source Mod : Minecraft: ID Name : minecraft:iron_pickaxe. To spawn an item, type GiveSelf into the console, followed by a space and the ID … Wooden Pickaxe 1.2s 1.60s 30 default:pick_wood Stone Pickaxe 1.3s 1.00s 60 default:pick_stone Bronze Pickaxe 1.0s 0.45s 180 default:pick_bronze Steel Pickaxe 1.0s 0.40s 180 default:pick_steel Mese Pickaxe 0.9s 0.20s 540 default:pick_mese Diamond Pickaxe 0.9s 0.16s 810 default:pick_diamond ↑ The Pickaxe is a small sharp bladed tool found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can help the ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki by expanding it. Metal Pick A sharp metal pick for harvesting metal from mountain rocks, flint from rocks, and meat from bodies. They are the fastest tool for mining stone, ores, etc in Minecraft. Metal Pick is referred to as "Iron Pick" in the Primitive Plus DLC. Ore can subsequently be sold to characters such as Skaggi Scar-Face and Verner Rock-Chucker, or smelted into Ingots for Blacksmithing. The iron pickaxe is a pickaxe stronger than the bronze pickaxe, requiring 10 Attack to wield and 1 Mining to use in extracting ores from rocks. If using the /give command, this can be specified using the third parameter. On this page you can find a searchable list of all 2127 7 Days to Die item names and IDs for use with the GiveSelf console command. Certain type of Pickaxe are required to harvest the ores. These item codes are up-to-date for the latest version of 7D2D on Steam (PC / Mac). 1 Description 2 Uses 2.1 As a Tool 2.2 As a Weapon 3 Crafting 4 Repair 5 Scrapping The Iron Pickaxe is a Tool that can be used to mine stone and ore, harvesting resources in the process. They can be crafted using 2 wooden sticks and 3 diamonds. For other uses, see Pickaxe. Diamond pickaxes are the only pickaxe that can break obsidian in Minecraft. It can also serve as a mediocre Weapon if needed. Weapon: Type: Tool: Melee damage: 32 Item: Weight: 2.0 Durability: 40 Pickaxe ID; wooden_pickaxe: stone_pickaxe: iron_pickaxe: golden_pickaxe: diamond_pickaxe: Item Data. Stone Pickaxes have 65 uses before they break and deal 1.5 Hearts of damage. Data Values ID. Weapon: Type: Tools: Melee damage: 8 Weapon Level: 1 For information on how damage is calculated with these numbers, see Damage calculation: Item: Weight: 7 Stack size: 1 Added in: Patch 1.0: Item ID: 127 Item data is used to determine the durability of the pickaxe. Make an iron pickaxe. Hurry up and get those last event cards before the update hits! Type : Pickaxe Stackable : No EMC Value: 776 Durability : 251 Damage : 4 (x 2) Attack Speed : 4.8 (x 2.4) / sec The Iron Pickaxe is the third tier of Pickaxe from vanilla Minecraft. It isused to mine ore at ore veins, and dig through rock. One spawns on the beach of Rellekka, amongst the rock crabs and hobgoblins. Stone Pickaxes can break Stone , Coal Ore and Iron Ore blocks. Information about the Diamond Pickaxe item from Minecraft, including its item ID, spawn commands, crafting recipe and more.

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