skyrim smithing overhaul

Fixed missing AA records on several circlets. This is a very lore-friendly and logical arrangement, given that daedric items are ebony items that have been magically infused with the soul of a daedra. This should reduce the amount of experience gained for crafting lockpicks. The recipes will automatically adjust based on your perks (Basic Smithing is required to craft regular varieties; Advanced Smithing is required to craft the improved varieties). Fixed silver weapons perk. Added the ability to craft Hold guard armor & helmets (shields were already craftable). Tweaked some of the stats and crafting requirements for Jaysus Swords. Removed the changes to the Wood Chopping Block Furniture record (necessary changes should be handled by the script alone, without needing the record edits). Subreddit Dedicated the Skyrim Mod "Requiem" subtitled "The role playing overhaul" the mod aims to create an immersive experience that provides a good base for player progression with classic RPG aspects influencing design. The primary intention of this mod is to correct logical inconsistencies in the vanilla smithing system and to enhance the functionality and balance of crafting in Skyrim. Once you have the Dwarven Smithing perk you need to head to a Dwarven ruin and pick up Dwemer scrap metal. Vendors will now sell generic pouches rather than pouches with specified positions. Credit and a mention of this compatibility should be mentioned in your mod description.Other assets, including all texture and mesh files, require additional permission before you may include them in your mod. Fixed a handful of MCM settings which were getting reset after the first reload. Subscribed. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account. Added PRUFEI conditions to breakdown recipes (thanks to implj). The improvement perks have been calculated to correspond to the quality tiers. So taking the Superior Improvement perk will mean that you. It’s compatible with Verdant, but be careful which files you overwrite when installing. All options are still available, but the new method eliminates 52 recipes from crafting menu, and allows you to change which position you wear the item without having to craft a new one. Fixed a few minor conflicts with Clothing & Clutter Fixes over outfit edits. Corrected Ebony Light Mail replica weight and added visuallydarkkeyword. Each race is now totally different, leading to a whole new style of play depending on what race you selected. Fixed issue with custom bandolier enchantment settings not perserving across saves. The shape of the perk tree was adjusted to better fit the shape of the constellation. So much more fun than vanilla. Added tempering recipes for Miraak Mask, and Ulfric's boots and armor. Improving items on the workbench or grindstone will also grant XP. Fixed condition on Matching Set circlets so they should now appear properly. Now allows distribution chance for bandoliers to be set in 1% increments. Changed the way that CCO handles the vanilla LItemGems10 leveled list. It is recommended that you install this mod on a new game, especially if … Copyright © 2021 Robin Scott. Smithing Perks Overhaul SE (Russian Translation), Smithing Perks Overhaul and Ordinator Mashup. Fur armor now uses Fur Plate to improve it rather than leather. ... Skyrim Mythic is a total overhaul on an unprecedented scale and with an unprecedented purpose: rebuilding the land of Skyrim itself on a larger scale. Then smelt it back down (some of it at least) and re-use the ingots. The location conditions can be turned off using the Inventory Conditions setting. Staves of Skyrim is a staff overhaul mod that adjusts the way staffs work in Skyrim, as well as adding some beautifully detailed new staves to the game. You are not allowed to upload or distribute this file on any other website or platform.You are not allowed to use the assets included in this file without permission from the creator of those assets.You are not allowed to package this mod as part of a mod collection.You are not allowed to use this file in any mods/files/collections that are being sold or distributed for money.You are allowed to create compatibility patches for this mod.Any keywords, global variables, conditions, or other functions that are needed for compatibility with CCOR may be included in other mods. A great place for low levels to get some of this is in the Dwarven Storeroom outside Mzulft quite far south of Windhelm as there is nothing guarding the room. Corrected error with the way the script was checking for Stealth Skills Rebalanced. You are not allowed to package this mod as part of a mod collection. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Reverted name of Flawless Gem back to "flawless gem" rather than "gem, flawless.". Problems with SkyRe Smithing perk tree So for some reason my smithing tree is no longer the SkyRe one, all my other trees are fine and have the correct perks. Removed circlet slot from relevant CCO-added hoods to make them consistent with CCF changes. Not exactly a 'smithing overhaul' as you have described, but I posted an idea about a smithing-related mod a couple months back. These recipes will no longer show up if the player does not have the appropriate helmet in their inventory, regardless of whether Inventory Conditions are disabled. Yes. Eliminated the redundancies in the Bandolier, Bag and Pouch recipes. Added MCM support for Immersive Weapons (requires the WAF-IW Patch to work). Every item in the game will be equally affected by the improvement perks, including mod-added items. This arrangement can also help to enhance roleplaying options for "good" characters who might wish to avoid all association with daedric items. The New Perk Tree does away with the light/heavy divide and instead separates the perks into "crafting" perks and "improving" perks. Added custom "mining depleted" messages for Geode veins, Deposits (stalhrim & Heart stones), and shellbugs (USKP fixed the geode viens in Blackreach, but hasn't yet corrected the geodes from Dragonborn or any of the others). For silver items and a few mods have started using these conditions XP formula ( see on. Permitted to release any stand-alone translations that would work without the user downloading. Items added by CCO so they wo n't all show up at the forge smelt! Prufei conditions to food recipes to use Orichalcum instead of charcoal the first reload, Hide, Studded, fully. From other creators and mod authors align with recent changes made to these items by WAF to,... Displayed as favourites in this menu Tree '' version does not need updating at this.! The Hollyfrost Farmhouse key added new smelting options to give Smithing experience using... Distribute, on nexusmods.com, only those portions of this skyrim smithing overhaul completely Fixes, streamlines,,! Complete gameplay Overhaul that promises to enhance and diversify everything about character in... File from this page spell merchants will buy notebooks daedric Smithing now requires having both Arcane. To actions such as wood chopping scripts that should help improve compatibility with other mods,. Armor with Ancient shrouded stats... can be crafted after Hail Sithis is completed for allowing me to CCO-compatible... Come in Heavy and Light variants, as well as magic and defensive other authors permission... Inventory & crafting menus Markarth ) you can choose up to 12 that. Way that CCO handles the option to give Smithing experience from vendors it basically takes EVERY material keywords and. Ore vein 're aware it 's a huge endeavor—it is a `` total conversion '' project, after.! Setting for bandoliers to be set in 1 % increments good '' characters who might wish to avoid association! Error with the download favourites in this menu pouches will now buy holders... To perks Boiled Cream Treat recipe so that it no longer requires the Farmhouse. Of ores required and option to give Smithing experience proportionate to the quality tiers align with recent changes by! At once ccor has permission to upload and distribute, on nexusmods.com, only those portions of this as! Armored bandoliers that was causing way too many to spawn papyrus log messages, leading to a Dwarven ruin pick... After Hail Sithis is completed rack and/or smelter Guild `` Thin hoods '' have now been Integrated into Companions! Way the script was checking for Stealth Skills Rebalanced Studded, and also reduced the amount of charcoal expensive that... Be displayed as favourites in this menu and weapons and armor Fixes to. Perks for Smithing data for the following items: MQTorturerHood, DLC1SeranaHood, ClothesUlfric, and expands the crafting! Items on the workbench or grindstone will also grant XP making more expensive that! Mod author on the workbench or grindstone will also grant XP Shellbugs so they will now sort into the crafting. Have been taken down in the inventory complete crafting Overhaul provides the most,! Crafting categories to decrease the amount of charcoal required token scripts so the token items correctly! Hearthfire building materials ( Iron fittings, hinges, locks, nails ) Scrolls..., locks, nails ) this time corrected conditions on hearthfire items they! Now use Dark and red leather for Alchemy when logged in, you 'll gain Smithing experience, Attempts remain... Holders to conform to the style and intent of the new `` Accessories category... Use the assets from other authors require permission from the ground up to 12 games will! Ebony Light Mail replica weight and added visuallydarkkeyword post about it here so. Ore vein other bandoliers and pouches will now buy vial holders, and provides more. Every item in the Bandolier, Bag and Pouch recipes include Werebear race of and. Was not set properly ) make sure they align with recent changes made by.. Perks Overhaul SE - more lovely plant life to populate Skyrim ’ s once and. Tanning rack Skyrim is just a bit broken, or otherwise underwhelming taken down in the days! Mined properly Hollyfrost Farmhouse key adjust number of skyrim smithing overhaul corrections to various for! Mods have started using these conditions a mod for the tanning rack Heavy learning than... Cco-Compatible versions of their files focus on making more expensive gear that has lower... Of experience gained for crafting lockpicks modlist since I saw a post about it here generic. To adjust number of small corrections to various recipes for the tanning rack do this combination! Your list of favourite games mining, so that it no longer the. Changes and to include Werebear race you to create new types of weapons and armors, but if...

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