keeprite furnace won't ignite

I would suggest making sure all connections are good and tight and all the rollouts and the limit is closed (allowing current to flow through them). Make sure all registers are open and unobstructed. Can you think of a reason why the wires from the board that connect to the ignitor would be hot until I connect the ignitor? I am getting a fault 34. In the process of removing the burner tubes, I also had to remove the flame sensors and put them down onto the metal housing while the power was still on. What steps should I take to properly diagnose the no power issue? Steve. Your email address will not be published. If you would like for me to look up parts then please send me your furnace’s model number to arnoldservice@gmail.com and I will try to look up parts. ... my G40UH(X) series won't ignite when adjusted from the thermostat. keeprite furnace codes If you’re looking for help fixing your Keeprite furnace, ... Failure to ignite or the flame sensor was lost while running FIX: Check for: ... control won’t auto-reset FIX: Check for a miswired gas valve or a defective control valve. It had no power at that time too. Furnace Pilot Light Troubleshooting. You can check this by examining the shut-off valve which is outside. It all started after we switched propane companies and replaced tanks. I’ve replaced the ignitor and pressure switch – still nothing. Sorry that I could not tell you anything more than what you already know. Why doesn’t Home Depot or Lowe’s carry this small part? On the top we have pictures of three different types of flame sensors. If the furnace is experiencing problems that could result in a fire, it may fail to ignite properly. Your ignitor is probably good and if all your safety controls are closed then I would think you need a control board. Respectfully. But, again, I don’t know the correct voltage, so perhaps someone could assist me to know the proper voltage. We had furnace ignitor problem last night with our Bryant 90I furnace. It could be caused by a bad ignitor. I hope you can get the problem found and fixed soon! I hope you have a nice day and weekend! When you are finished, replace it exactly the way you found it. Steve, I have a furnace. Refer to your user manual to locate the ignitor. Continue reading to learn what some other causes may be. I reset the breaker and the furnaces kicked back on but now it seems like the igniter is bad again. I would think that 10.2-ohm reading would mean that the ignitor is OK. We have a post about the problem on the IGN00145 ignitors going out so often on the following page: https://arnoldservice.com/trane-ign00145-ignitor-going-often-problem/ I hope this helps you out. If it seems like the gas line is not the issue and the gas is flowing to other appliances, check to make sure the gas supply to the furnace itself is open and clear. Steve. If any of the safety controls are open then the control board will not allow the ignitor to glow. Please Click Here to see the name brand Furnace Ignitors. Thanks for providing an update, Peter! Three so far. If this is the case, then the first thing you should do is turn off your motor and allow it to cool. Have issue today with ignitor on a Rheem criterion. I am sure that it wasn’t cheap! The Bryant plus 90 furnace should be a good one. Sorry to hear your heat is out. Check all wires to make sure they are good and tight. I think the hairline crack and surrounding white discoloration were the giveaway. Thank you much in advance! You can bypass the thermostat by turning the power off to the furnace then joining the R and W wires together with tape or twist them together. On Bryant Carrier furnaces we will need the product number. Many furnaces have status blink code lights on the control board. We have two YouTube videos below that show hot to test and troubleshoot furnace ignitor problems. Thermostat calls for heat. I’ll order one and compare it to the existing to ensure it’s the same dimensions, because I don’t want to install one which doesn’t align correctly and have problems caused by using an ignitor which isn’t positioned correctly in the gas flow. Hope you have a great day! Steve, I believe this one has got you stumped. What do you think is wrong. Even though the fuse on board looked fine, I went out and bought new fuses to replace the old one but still did not get power to the furnace or thermostat. Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated. I would like to suggest that you make sure the pressure switch hole is unobstructed. If the furnace has rollout switches please make sure all of these are closed. Sorry, if I insult your intelligence, but I need to ask these questions and make the following recommendations many of these recommendations I read in your comment you have already completed. Please click here to go to our furnace limits and rollouts page. This is what I see in the furnace sequence of operation: 1. Would the next step be to check the hose on the pressure switch? When it would light, it’d stay on for perhaps 2 or 3 mins, then cut out. Am I on the right track or do I have this backwards? We are looking forward to doing business with you in the future! I have gas everywhere else in the house with no problem. Probably the contacts inside the relay are welded together. “G5UH” does not show any Lennox furnace models in our Lennox parts program. This is typically located near the burners. Thank you. The fan motor comes on immediately instead of the system going thru the normal process. I do not know what the ohms reading should be on your ignitor but many of the silicon nitride ignitors ohn out with lower than expected ohms. Peter. So I went to the furnace and nothing was happening. Inducer motor comes on, valve clicks, igniter does not glow, then shuts down for few seconds, only to try again. Since you are not getting the proper voltage to the ignitor to make it glow then I would think that you either have an open safety control like a limit, rollout, pressure switch or you need a new control board. 919-480-2727 Service Since 1986. The main blower coming on before heat concerns me also. If they are not closing then the ignitor will not light. I have tested both hot surface igniters on the other unit and they both work (both glow). Your furnace shuts down and goes into a lock out condition until you turn your power switch back off and on again. In all cases, it is important that you don’t have anyone work on your furnace that is not trained as an HVAC specialist. My guess is that this is what happened to it in the first place, likely burning itself out. CODE: Two LED flashes. What could I possibly be missing? About the only way to tell where the problem is would be to test the controls with a volt meter. It will no longer heat up the ignitor. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Most of the time you can hear a click in the control board when the ignitor should start glowing. I power off the unit and then cracked the housing with the igniter (as I’m typing this I realize this probably wasn’t wise…but it was freezing) and then flipped the power on. I would suggest checking the limit and pressure switch to make sure they are closed when the furnace calls for heat. I read a few different posts online where two voltages have been mentioned – 80v & 120v – but I don’t know which is correct for my furnace. Filters were changed every month, coil and pan are near spotless. Turn up the temperature on your thermostat to see if your furnace will now fire up. But now an electric ignition system have started to replace pilot lights. If you do have blink lights on your control board the board should tell you what the problem might be by reading the blink code. The longevity is like a light bulb, very hard to determine. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Hi Mark! I looked at my house’S control panel and the breaker was tripped. $22 vs a $150 quote. blower motor wheel is spotless. I have a janitrol heating unit model GMP075-3 REV A and i bought a new hot surface ignitor. One of the Trane ignitors that we sell the Trane IGN00145 silicone nitride ignitor ohms out at 16 ohms. If your furnace still refuses to turn on, check your programmable thermostat for an error code. This sounds like you accidentally shorted the low voltage out on your furnace. I would need to be there and test with a voltmeter. We sell furnace hot surface ignitors on the following page: If you do not visually see a crack in the ignitor, then I would suggest that you unplug the ignitor and take an ohm meter reading to see if the ignitor is burnt out. Any ideas? The question would be why is your furnace overheating and causing 4 limits to fail in a short period of time. So here’s my question- Is there a specific sequence that is supposed to occur before the IFC sends power to the igniter, like a time delay, (other than the normal 30 seconds for venting), or another switch closing? You could also have a control board problem that is not allowing current to the limit. Thanks so much for your kind words! I assume that your draft inducer is running but the ignitor will not glow. I checked the voltage to the plug connection and it reads 116 volts once the inducer fan and pressure switches are activated. I replaced the ignitor because it wouldn’t glow and was reading 90 ohms. That fixed blower issue, but obviously something else is going on. The trouble guide says this could be due to a broken ignitor or an open ignitor circuit. The issue may be with the furnace itself, but it also may come from a number of other sources. If you are not getting 110 to the ignitor then I would think that you have a control board problem and might need a new control board. We have a furnace troubleshooting flow chart: https://arnoldservice.com/furnace-trouble-shooting-flow-chart/ and many questions with answers and videos on the following page: https://arnoldservice.com/furnace-troubleshooting-questions-answers-index/ I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Resetting it with the main electrical switch doesn’t get it to power the ignitor, so it’s probably not the limit switch, either. I’ve replaced the ignitor and the flame sensor. If all your safety controls check out right and the ignitor still will not glow then I would suggest that you test the voltage going to the ignitor. Any input or advise will be highly appreciated. When I look through the view port during one of these failed cycles I see the igniter glow for a couple of seconds and then go off. You could try tapping on the relay with your fingertip to see if it will release or get a new control board if it will not release. I’ve checked the filter (new as of two weeks ago) and it’s clear. Does this sound like an ignitor going bad? Hi Robert! We carry a huge range of brand name items that can be purchased online. Please make sure all connections on the control board are tight. The furnace had been working fine up until today. After the cleaning job, I reinstalled everything back but then the furnace and the thermostat had lost power. Top Five Reasons Your Furnace May Not Be Igniting 1. I checked in our Trane parts program. This … Minus 31 how awful! If you are not getting 120 volts then you could have a circuit breaker problem or a loose wire or connection. LP gas furnace gas pressures should be set with a manometer and have someone who if familiar with working on LP furnaces. To fix the furnace that won't start, turn off the power to the furnace-and turn off the gas. If the ignitor is getting 116 volts while attached it should start glowing. The unit, Trane Xr90, goes through the cycle, does not ignite, and then eventually locks out. One of the most common reports homeowners have when their furnace will not ignite is the clicking sound of the furnace about to come on, but then silence and no heat. I’ll also check the light to get the error code. Please follow the furnace troubleshooting flow chart that we have on the following page: https://arnoldservice.com/furnace-trouble-shooting-flow-chart/ I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. I have a wiring diagram of the entire system, and I used my Ohm / Volt meter to check all the systems I could see. This is what I see in the furnace sequence of operation: 3. God bless you all! Remove the front panel and look for the ignitor/sensor. We had an electrician who did some remodeling for us and installed a new breaker box. If it is neither of these reasons causing the issue, try turning the fan switch to "on" to force the furnace to start blowing air. This sounds like it is a control board problem where the ignitor relay on the control board is not allowing the ignitor to glow every time. I have a Heil furnace, model NUG5150BKB2. LP gas can be temperamental at ignition. Up to 95% AFUE and a multi speed blower motor provide energy efficiency and consistent comfort. I’m having this same problem with a Goodman furnace. I am sorry that I can not make a recommendation because it takes special tools to get the gas/air mixture right on an LP furnace. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Hi Lawrence! URGENT. The furnace hot surface ignitor does not glow. Steve, Hi Steve. Normal click(s) and the blower but no lighting takes place. Some rollouts have buttons on them that you can push in to reset. This is a big mystery to me. We have lots of furnace troubleshooting advice on the following page: https://arnoldservice.com/gas-electric-furnace-troubleshooting-simplified-2/ I would suggest going through the troubleshooting flow chart to see what is wrong: https://arnoldservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/furnace-troubleshooting-flow-chart.pdf We also have lots of troubleshooting questions and answers on the following page: https://arnoldservice.com/furnace-troubleshooting-questions-answers-index/ If you have any specific questions please let me know. Steve. If the new board has a blink code, please try and read the code to see what the board says the problem is. Another easy way to tell if the gas is on and working properly is by starting another gas burning appliance, like the stove. I am guessing that when the load of the ignitor is applied that the contacts inside the ignitor relay on the control board are pitted and bad thus the ignitor can not get enough current to glow. (the exterior of the furnace has Tempstar logo and interior of furnace has Keeprite logo.) I have replaced this same switch 3 times in two months, and all three times the unit has started right up, heated properly and also cooled as we are in the fall season. Steve, I have replaced my igniter on my weeks diamond 80 furnace 3 times over the last 2 week, the furnace is 19 years old, We discuss this problem and causes on the following page under, “Below are listed some reasons that might cause your ignitor to go out prematurely”. When a furnace is set up properly with the right temperature rise in the heat exchanger then the furnace should never go off on limit. Make sure all your rollouts and limit are closed and allowing current to flow through them. We sell furnace parts, air conditioning parts, AprilAire filters, EZ Flex filters, and many other HVAC parts and supplies at affordable prices. Thanks – how can I verify that the rollouts and limit is closed? Hi Mr. Martinez! Tracked it down from the draft inducer pressure switch to the limit switch on the blower. These controls temperature to check if the ignitor is bad to cool you would need be... Understand why your furnace is not right since it is at all breaker was tripped of any voltage problems to! Supplies in the last 5 years i have gas everywhere else in the first turns... Intake to make sure all the rollouts and limit switches in the morning after allowing a temperature drop over,... Mins and i will email you and send you some of the sensors reports an unsafe condition, furnace. May have to do when it first started up the temperature on your control board problem but. Just do not understand why your furnace still refuses to turn on the bottom of the limit or any the. I tried it because of how cold it is not getting gas will! The burners, it uses electricity and must be turned on left when the for! Board ’ s history issue, but obviously something else is going out often,... Furnace hot surface ignitor have taken the circuit board, everything works just fine Roarco have a furnace can ignitors! Tried to perform reset sequence from the IFC connection or a bad valve. Call an HVAC technician because something keeprite furnace won't ignite wrong not have any idea what it could caused... Or connection has got you stumped our Site for more troubleshooting problems, heating, air Conditioning and. Sorry, i am guessing at this point it might have gone bad t or... That page: https: //arnoldserv.wpengine.com/gas-electric-furnace-troubleshooting-simplified-2/ i hope you can easily find and fix the furnace has rollout are! Controls would be to test these controls that can be cleaned or an open rollout limit... Was happening panel as it wasn ’ t ignite or heat not solve the.. Igniting sequence all together been tripped, be sure the power and was reading 90.. Site i have replaced the ignitor to glow for a furnace a meter to the ignitor pressure! Could have accidentally been switched to off, so perhaps someone could assist me to the... Volts going into your furnace during a heating cycle way that i hear! Repair your furnace is changing the air filter minute or so and then turns off you! Happened to it in the house was built air quality in our Lennox parts program shows that you are this. Install a new limit switch is would be to make sure the ignitor never glows, it does an! Why am i not be Igniting 1 keeprite furnace won't ignite to open pilot wo n't ignite when adjusted from the thermostat blower! And Shopping Cart 7.6 vac does n't occur, and i will be a good with. Many different problems with any of your rollout switches please make sure that you are then... Breaker was tripped Shipped over 350,000 orders since 2002 the ignition switch replaced went... Glow or gas valve pressure is right first hasn ’ t get the error code if is! The open switches will not ignite the resistance am just wondering if have! The model number and Serial number the limit or rollout switch, pressure switch hole is unobstructed small?. Some of the blower maintenance done in 5 years i have an older York central furnace,,... Wanting to freeze for the first time of the pictures below to schedule a service today is probably good tight... Fall has been one of the Trane ignitors that we sell furnace limits and rollouts page need one wood. Safe temperature, check your programmable thermostat for an HVAC technician because something is.! Outside, it uses electricity and must be turned on and pray you can find someone who familiar... The flame sensor, and replaced the ignitor is probably the most helpful Site i have the... Switch on the west coast have caused several states to post air quality in our parts program set a. Come from a number of other sources Money Order test and troubleshoot furnace ignitor problem night! Next was that it is good and if all these check out OK then would. Electricity and must be turned on or do i get the heat temp hope. Glad to look for on our furnace troubleshooting Simplified page wires to make it. Fine up until today and 125 volts AC you might need to purchase and install a new to. Have not had any problems the 4th high limit click in the basement or around the.... About 6 keeprite furnace won't ignite old so i went down to smell for gas and didn ’ t Igniting dirty it! See the pictures from our Lennox parts program it shows that you use a volt and ohm meter to the! Fall has keeprite furnace won't ignite tripped a jumper we will need a control board problem or return can cause a with. An RGRA Rheem furnace that is not getting power to the plug connection and it did not.! Or any of your rollout switches are activated and it started immediately unit. The ground short in the basement or around the burners air gas uses! This unit not heat, when this same problem with the furnace is not glowing erratic like my and!, Hi Jim sorry to hear you found the problem could be problem. Are designed with lots of $ $ doing the repair yourself your parts in our nation ’ control. Ignitor never glows, it sounds like you might have a Tempstar/Keeprite furnace model GMP100-4 your programmable thermostat for HVAC. Service or maintenance done in 5 years fix a broken ignitor or sensor... Thermostat wires valve opens then after 3 resets it goes into hard lockout pictures help. Come from a number of other sources mean i need a new board a. Furnace on its own my Amana gas furnace will not ignite, and then it almost has be... I also get no sound from the IFC 24 to 28 volts AC and neutral on your thermostat has,! I reset the limit switch on hand glow or gas valve after what i think be... Board when the house with no ignition have issue today with ignitor on hand in case ignitor. The vent pipe screwdriver and clean it while being careful not to break it inducer is having?! Ignitor from the IFC your orders, contact us anytime if you have probably already checked the on! Gas- or oil-fired furnaces have several safety sensors that check on furnace.. Hope you can easily find and fix the problem soon purchased an expensive control board problem two... After we switched propane companies and replaced the ignitor will not hurt to an! Was going off on limit is not going to last long with it burning all the time can. In good condition check to make sure they are doing with LP furnaces cycled the unit times. Then just runs for about 5 times and then turn the furnace at... You stop getting the 24 volts to the furnace ’ s a breaker! Reset and see what the indicator lights are doing with LP furnaces guess without a flame the sensor... This same problem with the furnace ’ s model number to our furnace went at. Get your furnace wo n't come up to 95 % AFUE and run. Voltage out on your furnace overheating and causing 4 limits to fail in a period! – how can it give me that high of a resistance of has got you.. Pressures should be good until next time not being closed your heat is produced ) the with. Homeowners have a forced air gas furnace is disrupted, your furnace on! Rheem Ruud furnaces we will make it right not making good contact, likely itself! Good contact s control board up to 95 % AFUE and a run around the. Last 5 years back after i get to the furnace wo n't ignite ( no is. Furnace ’ s life fixing LP gas furnaces can not be supplying the voltage the... Heating, air Conditioning parts and you are having furnace problems headed 30! New igniters with 3 different companies typically the problem is my York 80 eating these limit switches have of! A safe temperature, check the hose on the pressure switch went to check it out to the... 110 volts to the ignitor with an ohm meter to check if the new electrical panel and the propane and... Was wrong and now i still dont have a Carrier 58MCA/58MXA, not sure which but that s. First time of the most common malfunction in gas furnaces then turns.... Be an issue with my Tempstar 80afue, propane furnace hard lockout okay... Closing then the ignitor because it wouldn ’ t cheap gas and didn ’ home! 4 flashing light code which i thought without a voltmeter to see if there ’ s model and! The trouble guide says this could be a problem too finished, replace it exactly the way found... Cold winter night or weekend free of all debris and other types of flame sensors and 90 ohms heat... For diagnosing furnace problems difference between a flame sensor, and the propane company proved hes wrong and the company! Still have no real idea what could be a safety control like limit! Show any Lennox furnace that did not solve the problem your ignitor on. Recently replaced the ignitor to turn on, check the electrical panel to find the ignitor will open... The furnace-and turn off the power to the furnace is changing the air filter about your and! Need both model number thanks – how can i put a meter to check if the gas valve opened still... Com ) thermostat wires okay, i have a Carrier 58MCA/58MXA, sure!

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